Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013

I cannot seem to keep the kids very interested in "book work."  Most of the time, they do not even like being read to.  (Little Girl also has a tendency to start screaming if I try to sing to them.  I still don't think I am THAT bad...)

Last night was a bit of a break through.  We managed to make it through our sign language lesson, a history lesson, a math lesson, and our Bible lesson.

We have been using the Signing Time videos for sign language lessons.  My oldest son loves them, and my daughter is growing more fond of them every time we watch.  We are also experimenting with some Spanish language videos.  With both of these languages, the lessons are something the whole family can do together.

We are attempting to use A Beka math for K4 and K5 with Matthew (the oldest son, age 5.)  He knows his numbers really well and can write them.  He, however, does not seem to understand the concepts of "same" and "different."  He just repeatedly identifies the objects in question.  He also does not seem to be able to follow simple directions such as, "Circle [object A]."  For Liz (age 2), we are just working on counting in general.

Seven months old David is learning baby things like sitting up on his own, crawling, talking, walking, etc.

For history, we are reading through Story of the World: Volume 1 as a nighttime story.  It has been hit or miss as to whether or not either of the older two children is paying attention.  Last night, Matthew actually listened to the story about the ancient Egyptians.

The Rhyme Bible is what we are currently reading for our Bible lessons.  Last night we finished the story of Moses.  We will now be reading about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  We also watch VeggieTales for additional lessons.

Once I can get a printer, I will be printing many things off various blogs/webpages to supplement the materials we are already using.   At that time, I plan to share links to the resources and give a review on how well they worked for my children.

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