Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Stuff!

Well, it has been a few days since a friend sent me a big box full of homeschool books.  It has just taken me a week to be able to post about it.  Hopefully I will make writing here more of a habit soon.

This is my first time using the Blogger app on my phone; so, hopefully, I am going to be able to post the pictures of the new items.  I fully plan to begin posting links to other sites/blogs where I have acquired other resources in the near future, too.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I thank God everyday for my children, and now I am thanking Him for the opportunity to homeschool them, too.  Since I began feeling the push to homeschool, a push my husband agrees with even if he doesn't feel it as strongly, opportunities have shown themselves at every turn.  I have collected many, many materials online from other homeschooling families.  (I may share their blogs/sites as I attempt to use their products in the future.)  Thrift stores and used book stores have also proven to be a great asset as I build a collection of resources and materials for our three children.

One outing to used book stores yielded this set of books:

Another trip enabled me to acquire these two books for my beginning reader(s):

Finally, this is the kids' bookshelf filled with several years worth of acquisitions:

Of course, the above is not all the books we have collected.  I am addicted to books and will grab as many as I can afford whenever I can.  Thankfully, my oldest son is even more addicted to books than his daddy and I are.  Our daughter is getting there.  Baby Boy is still young, but I am confident he will love books, too.

So, this is our beginning.  A family with a will to learn, a million and one (or so it seems) books and other materials, a mom who is a research-aholic, and a year until we "officially" begin homeschooling kindergarten.  Hopefully, that will be enough time to experiment with curriculums, teaching methods, and anything else so we can hit the ground running next August.